Nemesis Now - Game of Thrones - House Stark - Tankard

This tankard takes the form of a large grey dragon’s egg, covered in armoured grey scales. Three dragon heads rise up from the base around it, staring outwards and grinning, with the largest curving further out to form the handle. On the front of the goblet is a grey shield, bearing the Targaryen sigil and motto: “Fire and Blood”. Between the handle and the other two dragons is a repeat of the three-headed dragon that form the Targaryen sigil in red.
  • 6.30 inches (16cm),
  • Highly-detailed House Stark design,
  • Hand-painted,
  • Removable stainless-steel insert!
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Brand: Nemesis Now
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Product Description

Show your allegiance to the King in the North with this fantastic Stark tankard.

Rising from an imposing black base, the bottom of the tankard is ringed by a studded leather strap and metal bars holding it in place. The sides of the tankard have grey shields, each bearing the house sigil of a dire wolf and the motto “Winter is Coming”. Chains hang down below the shields, anchored to rivets between them. The truth of the motto is illustrated by the frozen icicles hanging down around the steel rim. Curving up from the base, the handle is shielded by segmented plates of armour, held in place with thin leather straps, before entering the mouth of an imposing dire wolf.

Cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this tankard comes with a removable stainless steel insert for ease of cleaning.

Product Features

  • 6.30 inches (16cm)
  • Made of resin
  • Highly-detailed House Stark design
  • Hand-painted
  • Removable stainless-steel insert

Box Contents

  • House Stark Tankard

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